About Adrienne

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Adrienne M Waller (she/her) is originally from Metro-Detroit, Michigan, USA. She has been in education for over 15 years doing DEI advocacy, parent involvement work, teaching and leadership; serving in public, private and charter schools in the US, Qatar, China, Kuwait and the Cayman Islands.

Her leadership learning includes earning a Cambridge Leadership Certificate, Michigan School Administrator’s Certificate and a Diversity,Equity and Inclusion Certificate. Matched with her leadership qualifications is a teaching certificate in Illinois for Elementary Education, Special Education, Middle School Social Studies, Middle School Math and SENIA Certificate (expected April 2023).


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The Company

Worldwide Educator, LLC, an education consulting company, focused on empowering educators to own their instructional genius while activating students. She helps educators (and others) realize their dreams for a career of fulfillment. Additionally, she has worked with educators across the country and the world in a variety of topics including but not limited to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Differentiated Instruction, Student Centered Learning and Effective English Language Arts Instruction.